Hello Beautiful People! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

India Hines, President, No Junk Productions & “Food 4 Your Soul” The Radio Show

Fashion Uncorked 2013 Welcome to NO Junk Productions, the home of “Food 4 Your Soul” The Radio Show and events.  I’m honored that you stopped by. I’d love to know what you think about the radio show if you’ve listened to the show or what you thought about an event you’ve attended. Your comments will help me strive to keep doing the best job possible to bring you the best in music, entertainment and events. If you haven’t listened to the show or attended an event, you can still share a POSITIVELY positive comment, words of wisdom and encouragement if you’d like.  I’d love to hear from you. My words of encouragement to you today are…..BELIEVE IN YOURSELF and YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING IF you don’t quit. See you on the radio or at an upcoming event.

89 Responses to Hello Beautiful People! I WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU!

  1. Andre Bennett says:

    Hey India,
    It’s not often that you meet someone who has God given talents to truly make one feel encouraged and motivated. India you are that someone. Your bubbly sincere personality lights up the room whenever you enter. It is always a geniune pleasure to work with you at Footprints Wednesday nights for your “Positive Vibe” show. Please keep up your good works as your actions are changing peoples lives for the better.
    Thank you India and God Bless You Always !!!

  2. Because “Prayer goes up Blessings come Down”

    Because “All things are possible through Christ”

    Because “Tomorrow is not Promised”

    So Every Day Do Your Best > “BECAUSEYOUCANMAKEIT”

  3. Julie McKay says:

    Hi India,
    I am happy that you are still doing your thing…keeping the faith, keeping it real and staying positive with love and encouragement.
    I read an attitude adjuster today and wanted to share …

    Your mind is a garden…Your thoughts are the seeds.
    You can GROW FLOWERS or you can GROW WEEDS.

    May God continue to Bless you and all your listeners.


  4. How are you? I love your show Keep doing it

  5. Jeff Higgins says:

    I’m thankful for His favor, yet, more grateful for His mercy!

  6. Melissa Kinley says:

    What an amazing show India! You’re so great at what you do.

  7. Roxanne Robinson. says:

    Have a made up mind to discover your passion and then create a blueprint for success.

  8. Peggie Watson says:

    As always, great show going on today. Loving the “music for your soul” you are currently playing for all of your beautiful, positively positive audience. Give me a shout out!!!

  9. Patrina King says:

    Hi India!

    Here’s a positive quote for everyone:

    “You were born to break the mold. Don’t settle”- PK

  10. Andrea Mason says:

    I have finally taken some time out to write to you. I first would like to say amen to waking up. Keep up the good work and greater things will continue to go your way that is always positive.

  11. D Griggs says:

    If U Don’t Change NOTHING
    NOTHING Will Ever Change!

  12. Tracy says:

    Everyday is great even when it don’t seem so. Life is full of down falls. But Remember to never let go. Keep on pressing so in the end u win. And never give up you can do it again. Author Tracy kemp

  13. Find a place deep inside you where is Joy and The Joy will strike out the Pain!!

    dgriggs to 90210

  14. Marie Davis says:

    I think your show is great and a positive influence. Thanks for your daily dedication on your radio.

  15. Loretta Morgan says:

    Greetings India,

    Loving the show this afternoon!Enjoying all the Love you send out!Keep doing what you do! You us to….

    Keep the Faith,Press towards our Goal,Know were always in his Grip!

    Love you much~

  16. Loretta Morgan says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Love you much

  17. Toya Thomas says:

    Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust Him and He will help you. Psalms 37:5

    Ms. Hines you are such an inspiration! Keep the faith and setting a good example to women. Anything is possible with God!

    Much love.
    Toya T.

  18. Toya Thomas says:

    Thanks for the play tickets to I Love Lucy! I had a wonderful time with Deborah Griggs and Ms. Vanessa!

  19. Tracy Kemp says:

    Everyday give thanks. Because it a another day to be alive. Another day to smile and be glad. Not to be upset or mad.love yourself always and never give up on you. Because you will make it through. Gotta keep going.you can do it..

  20. Patsy Johnson says:

    When you develop a ‘Passion to Persist’, a passionate world opens up to you. A passion to love, a passion to give, a passion to live each day more fully. It is the day that God has made and ordained especially for them that believe. Now embrace your God-given opportunity to live passionately. From my book. “Passion to Persist.”

  21. Joana Braz says:

    Mrs. Hines, I totally love your drive! You are such an inspiration.
    We need more great souls like you in this world. Enjoyed meeting you.

  22. Shana Craig says:

    Loving your show.

    Positive thoughts inspire change.

  23. Marnite M. says:

    Hi India!

    Sending you the positiviest of positive messages on this terrific Tuesday! :-)
    Thanks for continuing to spread love and for always shining your light.
    Wishing you and the Love 860 Family a great day!

  24. Tracy Kemp says:

    Today is another day. One to be Grateful and rejoice. Another day to smile and clap your hands with a voice. Know that God loves you. And will never let you down. So remember it’s better to smile than to have an egly frown. Be encouraged

  25. Tracy Kemp says:

    Be thankful to God for all he has done. He woke you up this morning to a beautiful sun. He made a way when there was no way. So say thank you Lord for helping me this day.

  26. Miss M. Martin says:

    Hi India!
    We all have a lot to be thankful for! Today, let us focus on appreciating our lives, liberty, and our ability to pursue happiness. We are one nation under God. Thanks for bringing light to the world with your show and helping us CHASE THE BLUES away! :-)

  27. The heart and mind must agree
    God puts love in your heart for unconditional love and forgiveness
    The mind gives us the freedom of a choice whether right or wrong
    But with prayer the heart and mind will come together
    In the decision will always be God’s will
    God Bless You All

  28. Que Harper says:

    Not every day is good but there is something good in every day!

  29. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for being the best !!!

    __Glory Gladden

  30. Thanks for the best !!!

    __Glory Gladden

  31. ‘Hello’ India it’s been awhile, but one thing fore sure I can say it’s because of people, like you, that keeps me going for you have such a encouraging spirit and I thank God for you, and my God’s blessings continual to pour on your life.

  32. Thank you for being who you are…for sharing your life, your heart and spreading that positive energy everywhere you go. You are the best!! Luv u Antonia

  33. Hi India,

    Thank you for blessing us with your beautiful smile and beautiful spirit.

    Paulette Nimons

  34. D Griggs says:

    Back from Chicago, Flordia,Texas, & Chicago Again
    From heartaches, heart attacks, & deaths Only to hear my Dear Friend Ms. India Hines sweet voice on my phones giving Love, Comfort & Positive Words of Encouragement! LOVE is a ACTION WORD! Thanks my Dear Friend I miss U Too
    Deborah Griggs

  35. Juanita Thompson-Evans says:

    Continue to look to the hills wince cometh thy help, for thine HELP cometh from the Lord! In Him will you find all the STRENGTH you will ever need. God hasn’t forgot about you…so don’t forget about HIM when you need love, encouragement or just a friend to listen. He’s such a Gentlemen just waiting on us with open arms! He’s EVERYTHING you’ll ever need, could ask for, or even think of…so AWESOME! CALL HIM UP! GOD is LOVE!
    And stay tuned to “Food For Your Soul” for Inspiration to get you to that POSITIVE place! I Love ya India!

  36. Mic Woff says:

    I’ve always wondered why and when they will have a station where the people can hear positive music all day and messages. Keep doing what God is directing you to do and hopefully we meet really soon.

  37. Patsy Johnson says:

    I am blessed to be a blessing. It is certainly true that the more you give, the more God gives to you. Whether you have little or much, you can make the difference in someone else’s life.

  38. Cassandra Riggins says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year India! What a joy it is to know, your loving and caring spirit transcends far beyond the radio airwaves, and sinks into the soul of one’s heart.

    Much Luz,
    Cassandra Riggins
    Your No.#1 Radio Listening Fan

  39. India Hines says:

    Hey! Beautiful People!

    It’s 2016 and I am on FIRE! Are you? What a blessing to be able to accomplish whatever you want or need to accomplish when you have faith that all things are possible with CHRIST JESUS! I pray you will accomplish all of your goals this year and that you pay it forward in gifting as we are all required to serve. Stay POSITIVELY positive, LIVE, LAUGH & SMILE!!!!

    Love You!

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