Hello Special People! Tell Me Something Positive!

India Hines, President, No Junk Productions & “Food 4 Your Soul” The Radio Show

Fashion Uncorked 2013Hey Special People! Welcome to NO Junk Productions .  I’m honored that you stopped by and excited about hearing your POSITIVELY positive comments, words of wisdom and encouragement.  So today I start my POSITIVELY positive comment off with….I woke up today and even though I know I have a hectic schedule ahead of me and deadlines to meet, I’m thankful that I  was blessed to WAKE UP so I’m encouraged that I can accomplish great things today if I keep moving forward regardless of my challenges.  You see,  I choose to see my glass half full each and every day and that’s what helps me make it to the next day along with my faith.  I  hope today is one of your best days ever and that you will only  think positive thoughts while keeping your head up and  REMEMBER you look better when you SMILE.   Feel free to share your positive comment with me.  I’d love to hear from you.  Until next time!

54 Responses to Hello Special People! Tell Me Something Positive!

  1. Because “Prayer goes up Blessings come Down”

    Because “All things are possible through Christ”

    Because “Tomorrow is not Promised”

    So Every Day Do Your Best > “BECAUSEYOUCANMAKEIT”

  2. Julie McKay says:

    Hi India,
    I am happy that you are still doing your thing…keeping the faith, keeping it real and staying positive with love and encouragement.
    I read an attitude adjuster today and wanted to share …

    Your mind is a garden…Your thoughts are the seeds.
    You can GROW FLOWERS or you can GROW WEEDS.

    May God continue to Bless you and all your listeners.


  3. How are you? I love your show Keep doing it

  4. Jeff Higgins says:

    I’m thankful for His favor, yet, more grateful for His mercy!

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