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Anna J’s & Lisa K’s LLC (Online Fashion Boutique)

Contact: Lisa Kay Banks
Home Phone: 770-376-7697 Anniversary: October 9, 2019 Website: Anna J\’s and Lisa K\’s LLC

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Anna J’s & Lisa K’s is an online fashion boutique that carries retail and

made to order pieces for the woman reinventing herself.  Anna Js and Lisa K’s also serves as a platform to showcase those she-bosses doing it big in the local and surrounding communities.


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  1. Andrea Wilson says:

    Thank you for sharing your story and wisdom with the world. I am excited about purchasing the book. I think every young adult that has ever had difficulty making decisions can relate and connect with the content presented in the book. Thanks for sticking it out and showing the world that every personal journey starts and ends with them, its not about how you start or when you finish, as long as, you learn from your mistakes, believe in yourself and keep God first… he holds the keys!

  2. Wow This is so wild I am just realizing that I had a message on here 3 years ago.. Never to late to say thank you, your response is greatly appreciated. Book still in the works.. my foundation as been created called Permission To Fly. again thank you for the message. My apologies for not realizing it was here.

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